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Combined Course

Fashion Sketching Course: fashion product design in a professional way

Course Content

The Fashion Sketching Course is to develop the ability o sketch understanding the construction of garments. This course is for those who want to draw product sketches in a in quick way. Express an idea in a few lines, be able to draw a flat sketch, make a template to make your work faster. The objective of this course is to design fashion products in a productive way.




Fashion Details Design Course: renewing and transforming basic garments into unique pieces

Course Content

The Fashion Details Design Course allows students to go beyond their capacity of their creativity to invent something new going into details. In the professional world of fashion product designing, it is sometimes the details that matter more than the design of its item itself. This course will allow students to study and understand how a garment is constructed and how its details ( pockets, fastenings etc.) are part of the design concept. You will have to do research fashion products to see how some details are complement to their functionality, what kind of workmanship and materials are required, and to see infinite options you have and transform a basic garment into an unique piece.


Course Learning Outcomes

- Gain ability to design construction of clothes
- Gain knowledge in fashion details
- Gain knowledge in fashion desgin from researching

This course will prepare the student for the professional reality of the fashion world. Not only developing the individual creativity, but also to acquire the necessities of the Fashion Industry.
This course is particularly structured as real work experience, not only theoretical study.
“Fashion companies don’t have time to invest on young designers!
They need young Professional creators, who are ready to work !”


Level: Beginners

Notebook - 4H pencils - Tracing paper - Soft eraser - Pencils - Pencil sharpener - Fine black fibre tip pens - A4 paper - Notebook - Laptop Computer - USB Memory Stick

Available Schedule

Duration Short

Daytime 1 month - Part-Time - Morning or afternoon - 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) Fee: € 1.000

Daytime 2 weeks - Full-time - 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) Fee: € 1.000

To include 22% Tax & 180 euro Enrollment Fee.

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