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Fashion Styling Course- Milan Fashion Style Academy Develop your sense of style in Milan

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Course Content

This Fashion Stylist Image consulting course,will allow students to develop the sense of stylizing fashion not only with great taste.
Fashion stylists must always keep in mind that they have too consider a number of factors: how to match clothes to flatter all types of size and shapes of body, how to wear appropriate clothes suiting time, place and situation, or how to be trend conscious to make an eye catching campaign. Whether you want to be a stylist for personal shopper or photoshooting stylist, this course will allow you to expand knowledge about styling how to dress in each situation.

The course includes exercises on mixing and matching for new ways to dress yourself, analyzing the street fashion, coordinating an outfit under budget and more. You will have to discover all sorts of shops in Milan, becoming a stylist while enjoying the fashion capital.


How many times have you done the following questions !

How to wear a scarf ? .................................What to wear with leggings?.....................What color matches brown?

What to wear to a wedding?.....................How to wear ankle boots? .........................How to wear a maxi skirt?

What to wear to an interview?...................What to wear on a first date?...................What to wear to a concert?


The course requires Photoshop & the internet. The student will collect information through the internet and layout presenting it on their portfolio using photoshop. See a Sample of Virtual Web Portfolio

Course Learning Outcomes
- Use of Adobe: Photoshop
- Gain Italian way of stylizing fashion
- Gain ability to communicate new fashion trends in a visual clear way
- Gain ability to create for your future clients the target conscious fashion looks - learn how to dress your Style
- Gain knowledge of the past icons and designers
- Become trend conscious of style all over the world
- Recognizing names of fabric (Understanding which fabrics are more suitable for different figures & items)

For whom this fashion stylist can be useful ?
For all people who wants’ to increase the knowledge in the field of fashion, for professional purpose – for personal culture

Creative work
Styling for Media Photo / Video
Fashion designer

Personal shopper -
Personal Image adviser

Job Idea !! Discover Milan start to bring your clients to Milan.

Fashion shop owner ( meanwhile you are in Milan you can gain knowledge of Italian Fashion buying discovering the Milanese Fashion Show – Rooms & the Fashion Exhibitions Fairs ) shop sales assistant – show room sales assistant

You will develop a sense of style from different points of view depending on the person and the occasion. Also you will learn how many different style exists all over the world, looking at fashion from world wide.
Also, you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, mixing and matching clothing items and also creating new pieces using technical tools.

Level: Beginners

Notebook - Laptop computer
- USB Memory stick - Photoshop - (30 day trial version okay)

Available Schedule

Enrollment every Monday - 2 or 3 weeks course

Women Fashion Styling


Daytime 2 weeks - Full-time - 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday)

Fee: € 1.400 ( Photoshop Lessons included)

Daytime 3 Weeks -Full-Time- 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday)

Fee: €1.600 ( Photoshop Lessons included)

Daytime 3 Weeks - Part-Time - Morning or afternoon - 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) Fee: € 1.400 ( Photoshop Lessons included)

To include 22% Tax & 150 euro Enrollment Fee.


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Women Fashion Styling & Shooting

Combination Course Fashion Styling & Fashion Shotting

Women Fashion Styling & Shooting

2 weeks Fashion styling - Full-time - 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) & 1 week Fashion Shooting

Fee: € 2.800

Click here for the Fashion Shootting program

To include 22% Tax & 150 euro Enrollment Fee.



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Things you can do during your stay in Milan


Visit The New Fashion Museum
of Armani & Prada only in Milan


Tour in Milan. Walk to the center, enjoy time together and discover what Milan can offers you.



Trip to Florence. In 1, hour 40 minutes you can Visit this beautiful city of Florence where you can visit Gucci & Ferragamo Fashion Museum


Milan Fashion Week. If You come during the Milan Fashion Weeks - 2 Women February & September - 2 Men January & June you will feel the REAL Italian professional Fashion System, having so the possibility to meet fashionistas from all over the World


Fairs in Milan. During the Fashion Week we will bring you tovisit the post important Fashion Fasirs discoreing New Fashion Trends that we are going to wear next season.


The Only one Fashion School in Milan with

Enrollment every Monday - 2 or 3 weeks course

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Included in the Fashion Styling Course the Welcome Fashion Set
value 150 euro




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Daytime 1 week - Full-time - 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday)

Fee: € 800 ( Photoshop Lessons included)


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Mens' Fashion Styling Course



Courses Open all the Year round - Enrollment every Monday

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How much You know about

Fashion & Style ?





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You are Coming to Milan

Available also as One Day Personal Fashion Styling Course

Your Personal Fashion Styling Courses in Milan !






Amanda Working at Harper's Bazaar

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Amal Fashion Stylist in Dubai

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