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General Conditions of Sale

The current "general conditions" they regulate the sales / purchases of the current Fashion Design Course from the Milan Fashion Campus on the web pages of www.fashioncampus.it www.fashion-drawing.com www.webfashionschool.com C/o A.R.STUDIO

We invite you to carefully read the conditions and print them for future reference.

A.R.STUDIO reserves the right to modify any such conditions of sale and to replace and publish new ones at any time. Coditions can be found at www.fashioncampus.it www.fashion-drawing.com www.webfashionschool.com

Formality of conclusion of the contract

When you purchase of the course of Fashion of Milan Fashion Campus the contract is considered to be valid only after downloading the course through www.fashioncampus.it www.fashion-drawing.com www.webfashionschool.com

Price and conditions of payment

The prices of our products are published online, and they remain fixed and unchanged until replaced by new ones on the site.
The prices of the published products are inclusive of I.V.A. and they don't include possible taxes or impositions. These will be notified separately.
The conditions of payment are as presented on-line at www.fashioncampus.it www.fashion-drawing.com www.webfashionschool.com and cannot be altered. Possible introduction of different forms of payment will be published on the sites.

The payment must be made through credit cards and you will be required to provide the number and the expiry date on your credit card.
The safety of the data introduced related to the payment is guaranteed from a system of cryptography of the data (SSL), and from direct connections, favorite and certificates through the banking circuit.
The debit for the purchase of the commodity will be effected at the time of conclusion of the contract.
The data related to the purchase through – I Banking - ore – No Transferable Banking Check- are published on the sites www.fashioncampus.it www.fashion-drawing.com www.webfashionschool.com


The consumer can exclusively use the contents of the sites www.fashioncampus.it www.fashion-drawing.com www.webfashionschool.com for domestic and personal purposes only. Every duplication or alteration of the content is forbidden and subject to and protected by Copyright and Trade Mark Law. Breaches will be prosecuted.


The products of the courses of Milan Fashion Campus are accessible directly through downloading to your PC.
If you encounter any problems , the buyer is to contact us within 8 days from the date purchase, sending an e-mail to:


Right of Refund

The consumer cannot claim a refund through the contract,as stated in application of the Italian dlgs D.Lgs. n. 185/99 arts. 5, paragraph 3, lett. d).
The consumer is entitled to a refund as foreseen by the Italian D. Lgs n instead. 50/92 for applies only to purchases where the value is equal to or greater than 25,82 Euro, and an application is made to us within ten (10) days starting from the conclusion of the contract(date of purchase) and before effecting the download of the courses and products of Fashion of Milan Fashion Campus. The operation, once effected, does not allow the restitution of the entire product to the supplier.

Legal Disputes

For any and all disputes arising in relationship to the interpretation, execution and validity of the Contract the order will remain exclusively within the jurisprudence of the European Italian Laws.