Tècnica de Coloration Figurines de moda


Aprenda pintar figurines de Moda.

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Milán Fashion Campus

You will see with witch tolls Milan Fashion Campus is colouring.
Once you have made the download ! You will have the possibility to reprint infinitely the exercises until you will be satisfied of your results.
You will be able to produce impressive Fashion Designs in less time than ever !

El Curso del Ejercicio compuesto de 67 páginas 49 Plantillas / los Ejercicios listo para colorar.

You will need:

1. Pencil Hb 0,5
2. Normal pencils
3. Rubber
4.Pencil sharpener
5 Pantone style colored pen
6.Conte Stump
7 Colored pencils
8 Sheets of paper A4
9.Smooth tracing paper
11. Printer
12.Collector for A4 sheets

Level: Beginners


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